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Printed Fabric Napkins

Tork Australasia
Tork® offers a complete range of hygiene, tabletop and wiping products and dispensers for back of house and front of house in the foodservice industry. Through customer understanding and particular expertise in hygiene and sustainability, Tork has become ...
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Chem-Pack Supplies provide hospitality industry equipment and supplies. They are also candle manufacturing specialists.
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DANDI is a Sydney based design house specialising in the design of modern Australian Fabric and Tableware. The Dandi team comprises of a group of trained industrial designers with a passion for beautiful and functional objects. This passion is shared ...
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Elegance Napkins
Supplier news
25/01/12 - Given that they are among the first things guests see, the right napkins can be key to a restaurant's image.
Is your restaurant Review Ready?
Times have changed in the restaurant industry – now every customer is a critic. We know how important these reviews are for business – they can be ‘make or break’. What we underestimate is how important the whole experience is to customers. There is ...
Tork Australasia
Tork® Xpressnap® Image napkin dispensers
Tork® Xpressnap® Image napkin dispensers are sleek, clean and stylish, they’re easy for customers to use and are sure to make a good impression.
Tork Australasia
Tork Xpressnap Range
The Tork Xpressnap napkin dispensers help you to use 25% less napkins
Tork Australasia
Tork SmartOne Toilet Roll Systems
Tork® SmartOne® toilet roll system cleverly dispenses one sheet at a time, helping to reduce consumption by up to 40%. And lower consumption means fewer refills and less maintenance and storage.
Tork Australasia

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