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Introducing the New testo 108-2 Waterproof temperature measurement

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Temperature measurements are among the tasks carried out daily in the food sector. Only by taking precise measurements can the quality of the products be monitored and guaranteed. And it is the only way to fulfil the HACCP guidelines.

The thermometers from the product series testo 108 carry out spot check measurements in seconds.

Whether in the transportation and storage of foodstuffs, in restaurants, in large kitchens or in chain restaurants. The testo 108 is insensitive to moisture and water, and thanks to the soft case (protective cover), is safe from impact damage and dirt.

The testo 108-2 gives you easy operation and handling and allows piece of mind when using it. The probe and instrument are waterproof (IP67) as well as Conforming to HACCP and EN 13485 standards. All testo products also come with a 2 year warranty.

The Testo 108-2 comes ready to use with no extra costs. It comes as standard with  waterproof temperature measuring instrument (Type T), including a lockable thermocouple probe Type T, soft case, batteries and a calibration conformity certificate.

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