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Top tips to help you recruit the best staff for your business

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article image Top tips for recruiting the best staff for your business

There are a number of tips and tricks that you can employ in order to find a candidate who will not only best fulfil a position, but ensure the continued success of your business in terms of profability, team culture and customer satisfacton.

Firstly, look at the structure of your company and take note of the duties each employee fulfils, and where the company is lacking. This will enable you to decipher exactly what this new role will entail, so you can begin to write the job description.

The job description should include all the typical details such as qualifications, key skills, primary duties and so forth. Ensure you list as many details as possible as this will increase your likelihood of attracting the most competent candidates.

Then go a step further and think about selling the position – focus on the positive aspects of the company and the role. If for example the hours are flexible or staff are eligible for meal discounts, then make this clear. Talk about the company culture in the description; make it a place where potential employees will want to work.   

Circulate your job description in new and exciting ways. Try and avoid the traditional mediums of internet and newspaper and instead approach local community colleges, TAFE’s and schools. This is a particularly useful tool when recruiting for entry-level positions, or for apprentice or trainee positions.    

During the interview, use your emotional intelligence. Observe the interviewees:  

  • Communication methods - both verbal and non-verbal
  • General behaviour
  • Personality - are they likeable and will they work well with the current team?
  • Common sense 

Do not hire someone who has the skills and not the motivation or passion for the role. Skills can always be learnt, whereas changing someone’s attitude is not so simple. Make sure you find a happy medium between the two.

Be a little creative during the interview; ask the interviewee to demonstrate a particular skill that will be required to fulfil the role, such as making a café-style coffee or restaurant quality cocktail. This will ensure the candidate possesses the exact skills that you require.

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