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How to choose an outdoor heating system

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As the temperature drops and the nights continue to get cooler, restaurant operators look for ways to keep their customers warm from those winter shivers and chills as they dine or enjoy a drink outdoors.

GoHospitality talked with some of Australia’s major suppliers of heating systems to help restaurant operators choose the best outdoor heating system for their venues.

When considering what kind of heating system to buy, it’s important to survey the space you’re looking to use it in. How big is the space you’re working with? Are the tables close together? Would the heating system be better suited mounted or free-standing in the space you’re working with? What kind of plumbing and electric systems are you using? Remember that electric heater will need to be plugged into an outlet, where as gas heaters don’t need an outlet. Is there any other form of protection available from the outdoor elements? 

Jennifer Schiller of Celmec Interntional says that their Electric Radiant Heating systems, or ERH, are one of its most popular heating systems. The ERH systems are designed specifically for outdoor purposes as well as indoor purposes. ERH systems are slim-line systems with non-glowing heating panels.

In addition, Schiller says that heat ray umbrellas are another best-selling option, which are purpose-built and are available with a fully-integrated electric radiant heating or infrared radiant heating – electric. 

Solamagic supplies infrared heating solutions for your outdoor dining areas as well as for indoor areas.

Solamagic’s Heat, Light Sound Combination units are flexible and functional to use all year round, and they with an integrated amplifier and speaks to connect to your audio system. 

Another option from Solamagic is its 2800W Sundowner, which is suspended on stainless steel wires and frees up floor space in your venue. 

Thermofilm is an Australian-based company that offers outdoor heating solutions for restaurants and pubs around the country with its energy efficient Heatstrip heaters, it's most popular model being the 2.4kw Heatstrip unit. This particular unit, Tresize says, costs only 42 cents per hour to run based on an energy tariff (which differs in each state and depending on the time of day) of 20 cents per hour.

Keeping your customers warm during the winter is a priority for foodservice operators around Australia, and GoHospitality is here to make your heating decisions easy with this overview of available systems from some of Australia's biggest suppliers.

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