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Giorik Hi-Touch Salamander from Watson’s Catering Equipment

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Watson’s Catering Equipment  supply Giorik Hi-Touch Salamanders, open equipment with a heating source that generates heat radiating from top to bottom. Due to special resistors in the upper hood, the heat source can be set closer or farther from food depending on the type of cooking required.

Giorik Hi-Touch Salamanders are ideal finishing dishes, especially au-gratin, and for food heating. Giorik Hi-Touch Salamanders are also suitable for complete cooking when toasting or grating is required.

Manufactured entirely from steel, and including state of the art technologies to increase thermal yield and operations, Giorik Hi-Touch salamanders are a fundamental machine for modern professional kitchens.

Giorik Hi-Touch Salamanders offer a variety of advantages:

  • Unrivalled commissioning speed due to the patented high-yield resistors,
  • Energy saving up to 79%
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance times
  • Lower heat dispersion in the environment
  • Cooking temperature reached in eight seconds
The heating elements of Giorik Hi-Touch Salamanders can be operated independently: different combinations can be selected depending on the quantity of food and the cooking style required. In the maximum heat mode, an electronic probe detects the temperature and set alternative activation of central resistors, ensuring uniform cooking and avoiding overheating.

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