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Escher MT200 Premium Spiral Mixers
Escher MT200 Premium Spiral Mixers
Escher MT200 Premium Spiral Mixers Escher M120 Spiral Mixers Escher MR240 Professional Spiral Mixers

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Escher MR240 Professional Spiral Mixers, Escher MT200 Premium Spiral Mixers, M120 Premium Spiral Mixers

The MR240 spiral mixers, part of the MR Professional Mixers line, have been specifically designed for large volume dough mixing.With a dough and flour capacity of 240 kg and 150 kg, as well as a bowl volume of 350 litres, these commercial dough mixers are built to easily handle commercial applications.

These commercial mixers have been a unique taper shaft that is able to lock the trolley whilst centering the bowl into a working position. This taper shaft provides the commercial mixers' bowl a controlled rotating motion whilst guaranteeing a constant number of bowl revolutions.

Large volume and professional Commercial Mixers Features
The MR240 professional mixers offer a variety of features and benefits over other commercial mixers including
  • Superior taper bowl locking and motion system (Patented design)
  • Trolley and machine are joined together using a taper coupling system
  • Hydraulically controlled cone maintains constant pressure during use
  • The cones are able to eliminate the risk of slippage and wear
  • Noiseless motion system
  • Powerful 9 - 15 kw motor
  • Bowl capacity ranging from 30kg – 500kg dough weight
The Escher MT200 Premium Spiral Mixers are part of the Vanrooy Range of Commercial Bakery Equipment and Commercial Catering Equipment
Premium Quality Dough Mixers. The MT premium line of tipping spiral mixers have been designed and manufactured to offer a level of commercial performance that few other spiral mixers can match.

Perfect for intensive use and stiffer doughs, these heavy duty dough mixers are powered by a dual belt drive system that provides more power to the mixing apparatus whilst offering energy savings.

High capacity 310 litre fixed bowled dough mixers are capable kneading and mixing large volumes of dough
With a kneading capacity of 200 kg and a flour capacity of 125 kg, these dough mixers are perfect for both commercial and industrial use, other features and benefits offered by these dough mixers include:
  • Stainless Steel Bowls, Spiral Tools and Breaker Bars
  • Bowl jog facility
  • Belt Transmission
  • Automatic Timers
  • Two speed option with two motors powering the two way bowl rotation
  • Hydraulic elevators tip dough into a divider or onto a table
Specialist mixer suppliers, Vanrooy can offer the MT200 Premium Spiral Mixers with a range of options including:
  • Bowl capacity ranging from 30kg – 500kg dough weight
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • Bowl Scrapers
  • Specialised beaters for pastry dough
  • Infrared Temperature Measurement
The Escher M120 Spiral Mixers offered by Vanrooy are renowned internationally for offering a level of performance that other dough mixers can't replicate.These M120 premium spiral mixers have been specifically designed and manufactured for extensive use in commercial bakeries and kitchens, as well as for mixing stiffer doughs.

Weighing 525 kg, these heavy duty spiral mixers offers excellent power with their dual belt, Premium Drive System that offers greater power to the spiral tool and energy savings than other dough mixers.

Powered by two motors allowing them to have a 120 kg dough kneading capacity and 75 kg flour capacity, making these dough mixers ideal for bakeries of all sizes, features include:
  • Two operating speeds
  • Two high power motors
  • Two way bowl rotation with automatic changeover
  • Premium Drive System
  • Low heat generation
  • Automatic timers with digital countdown display
  • Stainless steel bowls, breaker bar and spiral tools
  • Optional stainless steel lids, finish, touch screen and infra-red temperature measurement
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