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UNOX introduces the ChefTop Combi oven range

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The new ChefTop GN 2/1, GN 1/1 and GN 2/3 Combi ovens are the result of extensive collaboration between UNOX and professional chefs around the world.

The ovens are designed to provide perfect distribution of air and heat within the cooking chamber, along with precision temperature control and the ability to accurately manage the humidity.

Features of the ChefTop range include:

AIR.Maxi: multiple fans in the UNOX ovens ensure uniformity on all trays

ADAPTIVE.Clima: the ovens constantly monitors and controls all of the cooking parameters, including humidity, allowing the user to obtain the desired result for every single batch, independent of the number of pans put in the oven.

DRY.Maxi: ensures the rapid extraction of humidity from the cooking chamber, ensuring a full flavoured, dry and well-structured product.

STEAM.Maxi: The combination of STEAM.Maxi and AIR.Maxi allows the ovens to create steam that is up to three times higher quality than that produced by traditional direct-injection ovens, accurately controlling the steam production from every temperature starting at 48 ̊C.

MULTI.Time: allows management up to nine different timers

Protek.SAFE: eliminates unnecessary energy loss through use of insulation materials.

Rotor.KLEAN: an integrated automatic washing system, with multiple washing cycle options.

ChefTop has a vast range of complementary accessories, which creates an extremely versatile solution, simplifying the work of the professional chef and reducing the need for additional professional equipment in the kitchen.

ChefTop is available in electric and gas power versions.

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