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Unlimited Water lists out a few facts about office water coolers

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article image Office water coolers dispense cold water on demand

Specialist supplier of a wide range of water coolers for residential and commercial applications, Unlimited Water  offers a few helpful hints about selecting water dispensers for the office.

Water coolers are ideal for offices as they offer a ready supply of cool and clean water while helping employers meet their primary responsibility to provide basic amenities to the staff.

There are several brands of office water coolers available in the market, each with its own unique features in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Choosing the most appropriate water cooler can be a challenging task and involves several factors.

Bottled or bottle-less water coolers

The first step is to make a choice from bottled and bottle-less water coolers. Bottle-less water coolers are ideal for offices with the facility to attach the unit to one of the main water supplies.

Bottled water coolers are ideal for most offices because they do not require a water connection and can be installed anywhere, minus the logistical constraints.

Water cooler features

It is important to evaluate the features of various water coolers and select a brand with features that suit the specific requirements of the office.

Office water coolers range from simple models dispensing cold water to water dispensers with the facility for both hot and cold water. Dispensers with an additional attachment for dispensing water at room temperature are also available.

Most offices prefer water filters with both hot as well as cold water dispensing facility due to the utility factor. Water dispensers also come with advanced features such as temperature control and filter change warning.

Features Vs. price

It is important to know that office water coolers with advanced features will also be more expensive than standard models. Before selecting a cooler with impressive features, one must understand their utility value lest money is wasted on something insignificant.


While shopping for office water coolers, one must pay attention to the product’s appearance as it will be installed in a professional environment. One should preferably select a model that blends in well with the office décor.

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