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Tork finds a handy way to keep schools and the environment healthy

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The common cold and flu is spread by sneezing, coughing and hand contact. And with more time spent in close confines during the winter it’s no wonder many schools and workplaces see an increase in absenteeism due to illness. A solution is at hand. A University of Michigan study revealed that a proper hand sanitation program can reduce colds and flu by up to 21%.

Washing hands properly is a four-step process that begins with wetting hands then lathering with soap for about 20 seconds, followed by rinsing well and finally, most importantly, drying thoroughly with paper towel to reduce moisture that bacteria thrives in. 

Most of us understand that hygiene is important but with so many other things to take care of, it’s often neglected. This is where hand hygiene experts like Tork® can help.

Tork offers a wide range of solutions designed to minimise the effort required to get people to wash their hands while delivering maximum hygiene results.

‘Studies have shown that only 1 in 4 students wash their hands properly,’ Rochelle Lake, Head of Marketing, Tork Professional Hygiene states. ‘So we design Tork dispensers to be efficient, easy to use and maintain. They are also designed to reduce the risk of run-out so there’s always soap and towel available.’

It can sometimes be difficult for smaller children to dispense soap and lather up and wash hands properly, so Tork Foam Soap S4 dispensers have been designed with a soft pushing action, making it easier to use (and the foam makes it fun).

If there’s no tap on hand then the Tork Premium Hand Sanitizer is perfect for a quick clean in class. Tork paper hand towels and dispensers help make sure there’s always a fresh, hygienic towel ready to dry hands.

While you’re looking after your staff and student’s health, you can be confident that you are also looking after the environment when using Tork solutions. 100% of the Tork fresh fibre-based material comes from non-controversial, environmentally responsible sources and 27 locally produced washroom and wiper products are FSC® certified. 

Tork soaps are ecolabel accredited and their collapsible refill bottles are made from recyclable plastic and reduce waste volume by 70%. Across the whole range, Tork dispensers are designed to help you use less, waste less, reduce your impact and save you money.

For a clean bill of health for your staff, students and the environment this cold and flu season, talk to Tork.

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