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Tork T6 Toilet Paper System tackles supply and security, neatly.

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Keeping washroom supplies topped up in a large city hotel is challenging enough, but add a busy thoroughfare with public access to the hotel’s washrooms and it becomes a full time job.

Staff, at Wellington’s James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, were re-stocking conventional toilet paper 5-6 times a day due to excessive public usage and pilferage so a smart solution was needed.

"The washroom cubicles were small so we had to find a compact system that would fit neatly but still carry volume," Denise Thornton, executive housekeeping, said.

“We chose the Tork T6 System because it looks and fits better plus it’s nice and simple to re-stock," Thornton added.

The Tork® T6 Toilet Paper System holds two rolls and is the only dispenser that automatically switches rolls when one is finished to ensure no run-out. It also holds the equivalent of four and a half standard toilet paper rolls.

Another key feature for the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor is the lockable casing that keeps rolls secure and the transparent window that lets staff see volume for restocking.

"Having a lockable holder has definitely reduced theft and that means we don’t need to re-stock as often,” Thornton said. “The mechanism is very good, it doesn't jam up or malfunction, and it’s easy for staff to open up to drop one more roll in when needed."

The T6 Toilet Paper System has helped the hotel reduce frequency of restocking by half, down to 2-3 times a day and there’s no longer run out overnight.

As with all Tork products the T6 Toilet Paper System has sustainable features built-in and the Tork Advanced Toilet Paper Compact Roll is EU Ecolabel accredited. This is the paper the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor Hotel uses. "The hotel has a silver environmental sustainability rating from EC3, Tork products help us maintain our rating,” says Thornton. 

“Apart from the environmental reason, we find Tork products are a superior product offering a soft luxury quality and they maintain an excellent wet strength. We use a range of products from hand towels in our kitchens and public washrooms, facial tissues and toilet tissue in all guest rooms and the T6 system in our public and staff washrooms," Thornton adds.

With compact design, high volume, sustainability and security all rolled into one system the Tork T6 is the smarter toilet paper solution.

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