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The Textile Rental and Laundry Association Australia (TRLAA)

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The Textile Rental and Laundry Association Australia (TRLAA) is the peak body of state laundry associations. Its members service the textile rental, laundry and linen supply needs of the domestic market and also of hospitality, health care, manufacturing and other sectors.

The TRLAA is active in a number of areas pertinent to the laundry and textile sectors, including the following:


The TRLAA has increased the awareness of many environmental issues through its publication, ‘The Clean Sheet’. Examples of the environmental leadership displayed by TRLAA include:

  • Members helped review the draft laundry standards for Australian laundries that include ‘sustainable’ water and energy efficiency criteria.
  • A Green Laundry Assessment tool was developed and is available for use throughout the industry.
  • Members assisted in the development of new laundry standard measurement criteria in the area of recycling.
  • The draft standard supported by members of the TRLAA also outlines routine testing of waste-water and a guideline to expected wastewater contaminants using a European survey of laundries.
Continuous Improvement

The main areas of where laundries can be improved right now are water, energy and labour efficiency. The TRLAA has provided information to help laundries set targets for KPIs, such as water efficiencies.

Furthermore, a plan to help laundries by conducting third party industry surveys (measuring water, energy and labour) is envisaged.


Marketing efforts need to convince customers that environmental care and hygienic practices are being applied. The biggest step towards marketing the image of the laundry industry has been to review the development of HACCP based standards for linen processing and handling.

Human Resources

All state associations have united and the TRLAA now represents them at the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) hearings to establish the new modern award for laundries and dry cleaners.

Laundry Standards

The TRLAA has participated in the review of the draft HACCP based laundry standard, called Certified Sustainable Hygienic Linen Standards. These apply to processing and handling reusable linen in hospitality, industrial and healthcare facilities.

Research and Development

An example of this is a survey, conducted a survey in four Brisbane laundries to establish the benefits of the use of ATP swabs for hygiene monitoring.

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