Wireless Data Logging and Monitoring System from testo

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Data monitoring for uninterrupted checks
Data monitoring for uninterrupted checks
Data monitoring for uninterrupted checks Easy, safe and efficient measurement data monitoring from testo Wireless data transfer to a base station Saveris software allows the extensive analysis and evaluation of all data
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The Saveris Measurement System, available from Testo, provides top quality data logging equipment for measuring temperature and humidity values in goods and products in the environment and in processes.

Wireless data loggers are easy to use, safe and saves time thanks to automated, centralised data recording

Having two probe options, the Wireless Radio Probe and the Ethernet Probe can be wired into your existing LAN allowing the measurement equipment system to be dynamic and flexible
  • Bidirectional Transmission, Base and probes only talk to each other
  • Wireless Data Systems and alarms are accessible via the display on the Saveris base
  • Without a running computer, the base can issue an alarm if any limit values are exceeded
Base Supports 150 Radio channels and 254 channels total
  • Radio probes run at a frequency of 2.4Ghz, with a range of 100m in free field
  • Base can record 40000 readings per measurement cycle, that's about a year of memory capacity at a measuring rate of 15 minutes
The PROF Software Package, advanced version of the base software package, allows the ability to integrate into the network, a comprehensive alarm management system and the ability to have measurement data displayed on a background image of the particular location.
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