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Teas.com.au to restock its Ceylon Classic OP Tea

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Teas.com.au will restock its Ceylon Classic OP tea on 10 March.

Ceylon tea is from Sri Lanka and known for its rich flavour coupled with its fine aroma.

The Ceylon tea has a mellow sweetness that makes for a beautiful morning cup of tea, with or without milk.

In addition, the Ceylon tea is a medium strength tea, which makes it a little lighter than English Breakfast Tea.

If it’s the Orange Pekoe tea you’re after, the Ceylon tea serves as a nice supplement for it.

The ingredients of the Ceylon tea is black tea, or cameilla sinensis.

Teas.com.au suggests tea lovers should use 1 teaspoon/ 3g of tea per cup.

For the perfect cup, pour in boiling water and let the tea brew for 2 minutes.

If you’re serving your tea with milk, then double the amount of Ceylon tea used and brew the tea for 4-6 minutes.

A cheeky bit of sweetened condensed milk makes for a nice smooth cuppa Ceylon tea.

Ceylon Classic OP Tea comes from a pesticide-free plantation approved by fairtrade organisation Ethical Tea Partnership.

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