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Brewing Tips from Teas.com.au

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Teas.com.au offers their brewing tips to help tea drinkers and tea sellers alike enjoy tea better, while improving tea sales.

Brewing Tips from Teas.com.au:

1. Water Temperature
Water should not be above 90ºC for black tea. Green tea should be brewed with cooler water and in shorter time. When the water is too hot it would burn the leaves, which will cause bitterness.

To help make a stronger cup of tea, use more leaves instead of brewing for a longer time.

2. Teaware
Do not use any tea pots with plastic parts. Most tea stains plastic, which then cannot be removed entirely. Plunger should also be skipped for tea leaves require room to expand during brewing. Pressing down on the tea leaves will draw out the bitterness.

Glass teapots are the ideal teaware to enjoy quality tea while having an aesthetic advantage.

3. Serving
Less is more. Most people only drink about 1 and ½ cups of tea. Teapots should not serve over 300ml. In doing so, this would avoid wasting water and prevents the tea from becoming too diluted.

Teas.com.au recommends stocking quality tea to help begin improving tea sales and allow tea drinkers to enjoy better cups of tea.

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