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Tips for saving money when it comes to refrigeration.

Keep the heat out by using units which incorporate high insulation levels. Locate the refrigerator in a cool position which avoids direct sunlight and away from hot positions near stoves. Maintain door seals.

Help the evaporator by allowing enough air circulation and keep it defrosted at all times for maximum efficiency.

Keep the condenser clean.Locate it in cool surroundings with sufficient ventilation.

Consider how much non-perishable product needs to be stored cold and stock just enough. If cooling requirements are seasonal, shut down excess equipment during low-use periods.

Monitor thermostat controls regularly.

Load goods after storing them in as cool an area as possible before stocking the refrigerator.

Make the most of off-peak energy tariffs.

Ensure that compressors and condensers are located in cool and well ventilated areas.

Make sure all units are thoroughly cleaned and maintained regularly.

Keep the fridge well-stocked by refilling at the end of each day.

Source: Sustainable Energy Development Office

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