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No Hormones in Australian Chicken, says Steggles

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A research study commissioned by leading poultry brand Steggles reveals that over 76% of Australians believe chicken produced locally in Australia contains added hormones and steroids.

Fact is the Australian poultry industry had ceased these practices nearly half a century ago when the Australian Government made it illegal to add hormones or steroids to chicken.

The study had a sample size of 1000 people and results showed that 76 per cent remained under the misconception that the use of hormones and/or steroids still occurred in chicken production.

This has prompted the Steggles organisation to address this consumer perception through a public education campaign.

Steggles Group Managing Director John Camilleri gives his assurance to Australian consumers that they do not add any hormones or steroids to their chickens.

He adds that consumers must be made fully aware of the facts about chicken farming and that Australian families can take great comfort in knowing that chickens in Australia are produced in accordance with the regulations and standards set by the statutory authorities and the industry.

Another misconception is about the use of cages in the chicken meat industry.

Clearing the air on the subject, Camilleri says that cages are not used in their chicken meat farming operations across Australia. Steggles chickens are free to roam in custom-built, well-ventilated barns with constant access to food and water.

Technical staff is also engaged to specifically monitor and audit the welfare of their chickens.

Camilleri believes that it is important to dispel myths about chicken farming considering the popularity of chicken in Australia.

Recent research showed that chicken is now the most consumed meat in Australia, overtaking beef with one out of three people eating chicken at least three times a week.

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