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Eco-friendly cleaners and sanitisers from Spraying Systems

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The Pathosans cleaning and sanitising systems replace toxic cleaners and sanitisers with safe, eco-friendly cleaners.

The new Pathosans technology from Spraying Systems combines a cleaner and sanitiser all in one.

The cleaners can be created on-site and by-demand, which reduces any safety risks as they can be immediately used or stored away.

The technology of the cleaning and sanitising systems converts softened tap water into two different solutions: electrolysed alkaline water, or the cleaners, and the electrolysed acidic water, or the sanitisers.

Alkaline electrolysed water cleans food processing equipment, tanker trucks, medical equipment, commercial kitchens, floors, restrooms, public facilities and more.

Acidic electrolysed water sanitises food processing equipment, hotel rooms, kitchen facilities, vegetables, medical equipment and

These cleaners and sanitisers can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, as well as to
destroy pathogens and to remove biofilm.

These eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning and sanitising systems produce a small carbon footprint and do not require any mixing, transport or storage. 

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