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Silver Chef launches its own blog

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Charles Gregory, executive officer, Silver Chef says that the company recently launched its new and improved blog to address the needs of the hospitality industry.

The blog will serve as a learning tool for those within the industry and those who are new to the industry, offering a source of information on topics like financial advice, marketing initiatives and business templates. 

“Our research from the Hospitality Industry Success Index (HISI) report shows that three quarters of respondents had no previous background in hospitality prior to starting their own café or restaurant," Gregory said. "It’s never too late to change direction and pursue your passion, but it’s great to have some help along the way." 

The blog will teach those within the industry how to write a business plan, a vision statement and a SWOT market analysis in a downloadable tools section.

It will also feature restaurant reviews and other feature-style blog posts, like chef interviews.

“With over 25 years’ experience and having helped thousands of Australians realise their dreams, Silver Chef understands what makes a successful hospitality venture tick,” Gregory said.  

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