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Sigma Infotech on Smart Phone Application Development

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A recent study shows in 2011 more smart phones were sold than desktop computers.  Sigma Infotech explains how this has created a mini-boom in the Application Development market, especially for smart phone applications.  A new and alternative marketing service and advertising gateway.  It is predicted the market size would increase ten times between 2011 and 2013 and reach over 13 billion users.

Sigma Infotech highlights the three outstanding demands from the Smart Phone Applications market:

Games: The most popular and downloaded application for smart phones.  A Sydney University study showed 93% of students chose a smart phone for their gaming content.  A business can take advantage of the gaming market by offering a free game application, which they can use to advertise their services and increase customer potential.  A business can also offer paid upgrades successful free games.

Social Networking:  Social Networking is an emerging market thanks to such social networking websites like Facebook, which is becoming the most visited website worldwide.  Social Networking applications allow users to regularly access their accounts through their smart phone.  Chat applications are also increasingly popular, which allows users to speak to other online users without the need to call or text.

Information and Entertainment:   Information and Entertainment applications generate demand for business services, such as tourist guides, city and attraction information highlights.  Through these applications, businesses can affiliate links and offer promotions for their users.

Sigma Infotech recommends businesses to consider taking advantage of the smart phone application boom as part of the marketing services available today.  However, Sigma Infotech suggests researching the potential market size and current growth before investing into a smart phone application.

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