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Automatic sieves from Robot Coupe

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Automatic sieves from Robot Coupe Australia are ideal perfect for separating pulps, pips, fibres, shells and even bones from any number of specialist and common preparations. There are three models available, the C80, C120 and C200.

The sieves are versatile, multi-purpose machines. They use centrifugal force to push liquids through a perforated basket and into a collection container.

The continuous feed hopper ensures that the Automatic Sieve range is easy and efficient to use. The C80 table top model is perfect for lighter use, while the larger C120 and C200 floor standing models allow for continuous and intensive use, ie. central production units.

The interchangeable perforated stainless steel baskets are available with a range of perforation sizes from an incredible 0.5mm to 5mm with each machine being delivered with a 1mm basket (the C200 is also delivered with a 3mm basket).

The functional parts such as the basket and paddle are easily removed for cleaning and are dishwasher safe to ensure excellent hygiene standards.

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