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Keep food products cool this summer with MISA coolrooms from Refrigeration Connect

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article image These coolrooms are incredibly hygienic and easy to clean

New MISA coolrooms from Refrigeration Connect are made from 100mm polyurethane panels. These panels are 50 per cent more efficient than their conventional 75mm and 80mm EPS counterparts.

The coolrooms are equipped with anti-slip, reinforced galvanised steel floors so they are capable of a 4000kg /m³ static load durability and a 250kg roll in trolley.

This is incredibly impressive considering similar products have a walk in floor with a static load durability of just 1500kg/m³.

The coolrooms are equipped with a ‘fast fit’ twin hook Camlock system, so they can be assembled and disassembled without sealants incredibly quickly.

The fast-fit centring system works to ensure the panels perfectly align, and it is made of high resistant composite material.

The coolrooms are made from self-extinguish foam so they are fire safe, and they are both HFC and CFC free.

Furthermore, an atoxic finish ensures the coolrooms are hygienic and subsequently allow for the safe storage of food.

The coolrooms feature rounded internal and external corners so they are easy to clean.

They are available in three widths:

  • 400mm
  • 800mm
  • 1200mm
Four different room heights are also available:

  • 2m
  • 2.4m
  • 2.8m3.2m
All in all, the coolrooms offer approximately 200 different room size configurations, ranging from 1.2m to 1.2m x 2m up to 8m x 8m x 3.2m (w x d x h).

The coolrooms are fitted with a specially designed integral Freeblock condensing unit that is ideal for warmer temperatures of up to 43 degrees Celsius.

They boast a worldwide ISO 9001 certification meanwhile the panels themselves are BETA industrial certified and they have passed the relevant fire reaction tests.

The coolrooms are available with the following door options to suit individual needs:

  • Sliding doors
  • Glass door inserts
  • Hinged doors
  • Hatch doors
  • French doors 
  • Strip curtains

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