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Rational Asian Master Chef - Ronson Lim wows Chefs using the self cooking centers

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Australia offers a wide range of dishes and cuisines from around the globe thanks to our multicultural diversity and the culinary influences over the past 25 years particularly from Southern Europe and more recently Asia.

Today a Sunday Yum Cha lunch is as popular as a good old Sunday roast for many families around the nation. Australians love their food and our taste is now more acquired to fresh Hot, Spicy, Sweet or Salty dishes, therefore it makes perfect sense that the cooking equipment used in today’s commercial kitchens needs to be flexible and as multipurpose as possible to meet the demands of Australian foodies.

Rational, always the innovator, revolutionised kitchens around the globe with the invention of the Combi Steamer back in 1976. Today they continue to lead the way by educating operators on how to expand menu offerings by cooking exceptional Asian Cuisine with the new selfcooking centers®. 

Earlier this month, Rational Australia had the pleasure of hosting Asian Cuisine Master Chef - Ronson Lim to demonstrate the diversity and flexibility of the self cooking centers. 
Chef Lim travelled all the way from Malaysia to share with Australian Restaurateurs his experience in producing the finest Asian Cuisine using a selfcooking center.

Full house demonstrations were held in both Melbourne and Sydney. Chef Ronson impressed the audience in speaking in six different languages and cooked up mouth-watering Peking Duck, succulent pork belly with crispy skin, flavour infused drunken prawns, a variety of steamed Dim Sums and even fried rice! The amazing selfcooking center is capable of cooking up to 24 whole Peking Ducks in 50min. 

The intelligent Efficient LevelControl® allowed Chef Ronson to cook mixed loads at the same time, steamed Barramundi, and drunken prawns were cooked with Chinese steam vegetables, Dim Sum and Hainanese chicken rice without even a hint of flavour transfer. 

The selfcooking center 10 tray takes no more than 1 square metre footprint but is capable of producing meals of any style for any number, It can replace the traditional steamer, roast oven, griller, wok and rice cooker.  The SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® offers up to 30% greater load and 20% reduction in consumption of resources compared to previous model. The intelligence of the SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency® ensures consistency, efficiency and simplicity to minimise kitchen management, resources, time, labour and energy.

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