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Pyrenees Ridge Winery  was established in 1998 and is based in Australia. They provide various wines like ridge white, ridge red, chardonnay, merlot, pyrenees shiraz, reserve shiraz and vineyards.

They offer a range of red and white wines. Ridge white wines offered by them are made with sweet melon, peach and tropical fruit flavours, with overtones of grapefruit and citrus. They have a slight hint of herbaceous character that are complimented by subtle spicy oak and finished with form crisp acid.

Ridge red wines are made with ripe plum and blackberry fruit flavours and are combined with hints of chocolate or mocha, mint and spicy cinnamon notes with a background of well integrated toasty oak characters. Chardonnay white wines are made with sweet melon and peach fruit flavours. They have hints of grapefruit, citrus and are complimented by subtle spicy oak characters with a firm acid finish.

Merlot red wines are made with splendid ripe spicy plum and berry fruit flavours together with overtones of spicy fruitcake and chocolate or mocha as well as subtle hints of leaf and tobacco character. Pyrenees Shiraz wines have rich purple and crimson colour. They have rich fruit flavours, dusty oak characters, full bodied structure, with a great mouthfeel. These are Pyrenees’s most popular wines. Their Reserve Shiraz wines have generous amounts of rich blackberry and plum fruit flavours. They are complimented by spice, chocolate, mocha and toasty vanillin oak characters. 

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