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Decaf coffee – without the waste

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Pod Pack Australia has introduced a new way to cater for the rising demand for fresh decaffeinated coffee.

Pod Pack’s new ‘Swiss Water Process’ pod eliminates the waste, expense and freshness issues associated with separate grinding machines and can be used in any commercial coffee machine.

Catering for decaf can be a big headache for cafes and bars, Pod Pack operations manager Martin French said.

“Decaffeinated coffee is consumed in smaller quantities than regular coffee and a batch of freshly ground coffee or beans goes stale if not enough people ask for it before it is used up. So they either have to throw it away – which costs a lot of money over time – or risk serving coffee made with stale beans or grindings, which is a turnoff that no quality business would contemplate.”

Pod Pack’s seven, 10 or 14 gram pods of coffee in are hermetically sealed in foil pouches, which use nitrogen to preserve the flavour for up to two years.

French says the decaf trend in Australasia is following the big trend in the US, where decaf accounts for close to 20 percent of sales.

“While we are not near that level yet, we are seeing a strong and rising demand for our wholesale and retail customers who appreciate that traditional grinding on demand can result in costly waste, extra grinders and stale product in specialty lines, which are, by their nature, used less often than mainstream blends.”

The rising demand for decaffeinated coffee, among Pod Pack’s other specialty products has seen the company more than treble the capacity of its contract pod manufacturing plant.

The new facility offers specifically designed packaging and filter materials. Single and double espresso pods and soft filter pods are available within the foil pouches, on which individual names and logos can be displayed.

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