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Peerless JAL offsets all scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions throughout Australia

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article image Peerless JAL has selected the Baishun Village hydro station to offset their carbon emissions

Maintenance and cleaning products supplier, Peerless JAL  is now offsetting 100% of its scope 1 and 2 Carbon Emissions Australia Wide and considers this a big step in their journey of fulfilling their responsibility to the environment as a Corporate Citizen.

Carbon Emissions are defined as emissions of: CO2, SF6, CH4, N2O, HFCs and PFC’s from the Company.

All emissions from company owned vehicles, fuel combustion, refrigeration and explosives are classed as Scope 1 carbon emissions and all purchased emissions, including production and operational emissions, are classed as scope 2 carbon emissions.

Peerless JAL recently undertook a study with a leading educational institution to calculate their emissions and as a result have since identified a worthy cause to offset their scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

The project that was chosen has been developed under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism. This project helps to reduce the need for thermal power and helps to cut global C02 emissions by 40,000 tonnes every year.

The Hubei Hefeng Yanzi Town ‘Baishun Village’ Taohuashan hydro station is a small run-off-river project that was developed under the Kyoto Protocol to help establish renewable energy sources.

Commencing in April 2007, the hydro station uses state of the art environmentally friendly run-of-river hydro power technology, maximising the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Baishun Village hydro station and other small hydro projects produce no waste, no CO2 and are one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to generate electricity. These facts combined with an extremely stable load factor make Hydro the ideal choice for electricity generation and Peerless JAL.

This was a long and challenging achievement for Peerless Jal but they are very happy to have completed this for all of their stakeholders.

The system used by Peerless JAL does not predict carbon emissions and offsets are always for a back dated period of time. In 2011 Peerless Jal will offset for 2010.

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