Pacific West

Pacific West Foods Australia, supplier of quality frozen seafood and value added products


Supplier news
15/10/08 - Pacific West Foods are one of the quality suppliers of the seafood since 1995. Scallops are one of the products of Pacific West Foods. These scallops are offered in 4 x 2.5 kg per 10 kg carton for the food service industry.
Supplier news
14/10/08 - Pacific West foods are one of the suppliers for seafood’s and frozen products to Australian Food Service industries. They supply ice cream, which are delightfully smooth, creamy and enjoyed worldwide.
Supplier news
13/10/08 - Pacific West Foods expanded nationally and globally with their head office in Sydney. They offer spinach produced by Talley’s. Spinach is a good addition in meals. It is rich in nutrition and enhances the flavour.

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Pacific West (Head office) Update these details
3 Trent Road
North Rocks
NSW 2151
Tel: 02 9630 0188
Fax: 02 9630 1588

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