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Reduce cigarette litter with windproof ash trays from No BuTTs

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article image Keep bar, cafe and restaurant outdoor areas clean and tidy with these windproof ash trays

No BuTTs supplies windproof table ashtrays as a mess free solution for outdoor smoking areas.  

More than 200 Councils and Shires across Australia require any hospitality business with outside tables to use windproof ash trays.  

An unfortunate side effect of banning smoking from indoors in bars, restaurants and cafes as well as the increasing popularity of outdoor wining and dining areas is that the existing cigarette litter problem has been exacerbated.  

Most ash trays are open top and as such are totally susceptible to the wind emptying ash tray contents and redistributing butts around streets, parks, beaches and other public areas.  

No BuTTs explains that its flip top windproof ashtrays are the best selling in Australia for a number of reasons, including:  

  • designed specifically for the hospitality industry
  • corrosion and rust resistant
  • easy to wash, keep clean and maintain
  • flaps and hinges are reinforced for long life
  • gravity operated mechanism
  • sealed chamber and snug fitting lid and for extinguishing smouldering butts
  • manufactured from durable marine grade stainless steel
  • stylish and cost efficient  
Visit the No BuTTs website to place an order and to find out information about its extensive range of ash tray solutions.

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