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What about mobiles for POS? - iPad, iPod, iPhone, Tablet, Surface Pro

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In the constant quest to find better and easier ways to give customers a better experience, attention is moving to mobile hand-held units.

Using an iPad, iPod, or iPhone or other mobile device as a mobile order-taker is nothing new to Nextco, SwiftPOS Software has been running on these types of devices for years and with the strong and dedicated development team based in Brisbane, it will continue to do so as each new device is introduced to the market.

The issues come back to the same things: battery life, dropping units, staff not wanting to carry the units, the need to have good wireless coverage in areas that are sometimes incompatible and of course the concerns about security of wireless transmissions.  

The best result is to have a trade off, use the mobile units sometimes as situations dictate but as a complement and not as a substitute for a well laid out POS System with Registers and Waiter Terminals.  

Nextco will be happy to evaluate your venue for the suitability of wireless POS Devices or other form of POS System, please contact Nextco staff at the Brisbane office.

Nextco provides Touch Screen Point of Sale Systems and Stock Control programs for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Fast Food locations.  Nextco proudly supplies the SwiftPOS Software program which runs on the highly reliable SQL Database.  

With Microsoft certified technicians on staff and an experienced management team, Nextco is able to set up and maintain modern POS Systems and associated networking technology.  

With all the expected modules of a good Stock Control Program, including Recipes, Margin Analysis, Re-Ordering, Graphical Reporting and Remote Monitoring: SwiftPOS, which has over 5000 installations worldwide, gives so much more - Table Reservations and Bill Splitting, Staff Password Control and Wristbands, Loyalty, Member, Vouchers, Ticket Printing, Gift Cards, Card Printing, Shelf Label Printing, Surveillance Linking. 

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