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New Convotherm mini combi steamers from Moffat

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article image The new Convotherm range of mini combi steamers from Moffat

The new Convotherm mini combi steamers from Moffat have a maximum width of 51.5cm, making them the perfect fit for any commercial kitchen.

Thanks to easy and intuitive operator guidance the combi steamers are extremely straightforward to use, even for the untrained operator.

A simple ‘Press & Go’ system allows operators to create delicious tasting foods with the press of a button.

The combi steamers feature a unique energy system known as ACS, which ensures they are both environmentally friendly and extremely cost-effective to run.  

The new range of mini combi ovens include:

  • OES 6.06 mini
  • OES 6.06 mini mobile
  • OES 6.10 mini
  • OES 10.10 mini
  • OES 6.06 mini 2in1
  • OES 6.10 mini 2in1

The mini combi steamers have either 2/3 GN or 1/1 GN.

Expect crisp, tasty foods when using the mini combi steamers, as they feature an advanced closed system (ACS) which traps hot air and prevents cold air from entering.

The mini combi steamers come equipped with a flexible wall bracket and a 230V/400V power connection can be selected on site, which makes them simple and easy to install.

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