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Miele Professional 6.5 kg to 32 kg washer-extractors and tumble dryers

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Miele Professional  offers washer-extractors and tumble dryers with load sizes of 6.5 kg to 32 kg with specifications tailored to reprocessing mopheads and cleaning cloths.
Washer-extractors with a load size of 10 kg or more have freely programmable Profitronic M controls and cater for a variety of building sizes. Profitronic M controls have 199 slots for new programmes which, with the aid of a smart card, can be downloaded quickly and simply to controls on washer-extractors and tumble dryers. This allows these machines to address the specific needs of contract cleaners.

All wash and drying programmes are listed in the graphic display. With the aid of the rotary selector switch, users can choose the most suitable programme and directly modify individual parameters. Cycle parameters are adjusted automatically to the load size and help lower energy and water consumption.

Washer-extractor imbalance controls ensure vibration-free operation even at maximum spin speed. This improves machine durability and makes for a far more pleasant working environment. Due to the high spin performance and high g-factor, mops leave the washing side of the operation with low residual moisture. This means that they can either be used without any further processing or machine-dried in a short, energy-saving cycle.

All Miele laundry machines approved for use by contract cleaners are economic to run and are manufactured to provide at least 30,000 hours of operation (washer-extractors) or 40,000 hours (tumble dryers). Depending on the size and weight of mops, the smallest machine in the combined line-up (6.5 kg) has a capacity for up to 30 mopheads. The largest machine with a 32 kg load capacity can take up to 168 mops. A well-dimensioned dump valve with streamlined design prevents the build-up of fluff and debris. If required, a kit containing a fluff filtration system is available for installation between the machine and the sewage system to prevent pipework from clogging.

Miele washer extractors come complete with a set of programmes for washing mops, cleaning cloths and, optionally, curtains. All mop machines are provided ex works with programmes for thermal or chemo-thermal disinfection.

All Miele washer-extractors and tumble dryers intended for use in contract cleaning applications can be combined with a mobile dispenser pump rack for greater convenience or a water recovery module that helps to make savings of up to 30% possible.

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