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Midland Discount Bedding  provide bedding and furniture from various manufacturers. They offer various models of Sleepmaker bed models such as Chiropractic Range, Physio Range, Ultimate, Sleepmaker Bedding Accessories,  Sleepmaker Select, Innergetic, Posturezone Range, Rejuvenate, Fusion, Physio Range and classic. All these mattresses are manufactured using exclusive patented technologies such as n Formacoil, Miracoil, Duracoil Plus of Sleepmaker.

The Sleepmaker Innergetic mattresses from Midland Discount Bedding are made using innovative latex interior that returns energy to the body. The innovative core technology used in making this mattress increases the sturdiness of the mattress and in turn its life. These latex mattresses are manufactured under strict manufacturing conditions ensuring comfort and reliability in all the mattresses. The Innergetic mattresses are offered in double, queen and king sizes with dimensions 138 x 188 cm, 153 x 204cm and 183 x 204cm respectively.

The Sleepmaker Ultimate mattresses deploy superior dividing methods in understanding the body support and offer the bedding with quality materials and soothing layers and fashionable finishing. This mattress is constructed using the patented seven spring system in select seven zones that needs support for the body while sleeping. This mattress is offered with a good edge support with stiffer seating border to prevent fall from the bed during sleeping. The novel design used in making the mattresses do not necessitate turning of the mattresses. This mattress is offered with a matching base design using dual supported torsion bar.

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