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Increase revenue and profit with digital menus from Menu-Cast

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article image Digital menus are attractive and engaging; helping to increase both revenue and profit

Menu-Cast  is an innovative digital menu and signage software package that is ideal for use in restaurants and other food venues.  The digital signage can be used to manage and maintain digital LCD menu boards in a way that is both engaging and entertaining to customers.  

There are many benefits to the installation of digital signage and menus including:

  • Increased profits - pricing can be automatically updated, eliminating the expense of changing signage as well as the use of ugly tape and corrections  
  • Generation of revenue – not only does the digital menu clearly advertise the restaurants products, but it can also be used as advertising space for sponsors and companies, helping to increase your bottom line  
  • User friendly design software – the supporting design software is internet based and allows the easy creation and  management of digital signage and menus, from any internet connected computer or laptop  
  • Clear messages – the digital signage software can support any preferred fonts and offers incredibly clear and legible text to ensure that information is effectively communicated to customers  
  • Engaging visuals – the digital menus and signage really grab customers’ attention with integrated high-definition digital video, audio and animated graphics  
  • Multiple location management – for businesses with more than one venue, all locations can be managed directly from the same interface, meaning that adding, managing and scheduling specific digital displays for one or all of the screens within a network is simple  
  • Automatic scheduling - different menus and offers can be automatically scheduled to change according to time, date, day of the week and season  
Visit the Menu-Cast website to find out more information on the installation of digital signage and menus, as well as all the customisation and plugin options.

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