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New spices and herbs as part of McCormick's flavour forecast

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Each year, McCormick's development chefs and food scientists from around the world come together for a McCormick global flavour summit to identify the consumption trends that crossover any cultural barriers.

"McCormick's flavour forecast was an initiative from the corporate office in the States that's been around for about 13 years and was at first just limited to the U.S.," says Kellie Savage, McCormick brand manager. "For the last couple of years, they've opened it up to everyone in the McCormick world."

As the largest herbs and spices company in the world, McCormick has identified and announced its five consumer trends for this year.

"This year's trends are: no apologies necessary, personally handcrafted, empowered eating, global my way and hidden potential," Savage says.

Personally handcrafted represents the thing that we take pride on having better quality in, like produce or ingredients, where as empowered eating represents creating products that are healthy and that consumers enjoy eating, the rep explains.

Once McCormick identifies the trends, the scientists and chefs then go about creating flavour profiles that encapsulate those trends. 

"This year, for example, 'No Apologies Necessary" is very indulgent and perhaps filled with flavours you may not have heard of before, but when combined they're absolutely delicious."

McCormick's five flavour forecasts for this year are part of a limited range.

"They're premium products, and we expect people will be able to put them on special menus and their special boards," Savage says. "A little bit of product makes a massive difference to the end result and the plated meal."

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