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McCormick launches spice blends to match 2014 flavour trends

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McCormick has brought its Flavour Forecast to life by launching a range of spice blends to complement the five top trends.

The Flavour Forecast report is developed by culinary professionals, trend trackers and food technologists around the globe to highlight five top food trends, and over a dozen emerging flavours that are predicted to inspire global cooking trends. In years past, McCormick has predicted growth in products such as coconut water, which was a relatively untapped market in 2005 to represent a multibillion dollar industry today.

The 2014 Flavour Forecast focused on five main areas; Chilli Obsession, Modern Masala, Clever Compact Cooking, Mexican World Tour and Charmed by Brazil.

Chilli Obsession

McCormick say that the world at large is craving chili heat and this has extended into employing new and exciting ways to prepare the pepper including grilling, smoking, pickling, fermenting and candying to tease out the flavour. Chillies that McCormick have tipped to take off include Guajillo – a mild Mexican dried chilli, Chilli de Arbol – a bold Mexican chilli, Tien Tsin – a hot Szechuan chilli and Aji Amarillo – a hot Peruvan yellow chilli.

Modern Masala

As a step above basic curries, McCormick says that experimental Indian cuisine will thrive in 2014. From food trucks to fine dining and a greater variety of supermarket products available, the flavour forecast for Indian food is predicted to include experimental wraps, high-end Indian restaurant offerings and convenient Indian at home solutions. Flavours and dishes to look out for include Kashmiri Masala, West Indian jalfrezis and the dishes including paneer cheese.

Clever Compact Cooking

Clever Compact Cooking takes advantage of big flavours that come from small spaces. McCormick says that these versatile ingredients which include Coriander, Tea and Noodles are essential to kitchens of all sizes – from large scale establishments to independent operations.

Mexican World Tour

Tomatillos, Recados and Chamoy Sauce are at the forefront of McCormick’s Mexican World Tour. McCormick says that the taste for the bright and bold flavours that come from regional Mexican fare is spreading across the globe is a big way.

Charmed by Brazil

Brazilian cuisine, which encompasses a melting pot of European, African, Asian and native Amazonian influences is also poised to emerge as a powerful presence in global cooking.

Flavours and ingredients to look out for according to McCormick include black-eyed peas, Guava – as nectar, paste or fresh, Cassace Flour – also known as tapioca flour which happens to be gluten free and Tempero Baiano – a Bahian seasoning blend.

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