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Electrical testing services from Lecsafe

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Lecsafe offer electrical testing services to health services, hospitality, manufacturing, government and commercial industries. The electrical testing and tagging, emergency exit light testing, basic environmental monitoring (checks for temperature, humidity, air-   flow & lighting) - (Lumen's - outputs) and microwave oven radiation leakage testing are some of the services provided to the hospitality industry.

Lecsafe offer testing services to ascertain that all the electrical equipments used meet the Australian Standard AS/NZ3760 requirements. For this purpose, each of the electrical assets used is subjected to standard tests such as physical inspection, insulation test, earth circuit testing, continuity testing, functional testing and polarity testing. All the electrical equipments used are also tested in accordance with the AS3760 standards for noticeable external damages, defects in accessories such as plugs and sockets used, defects in connectors and supply leads. All the inner cords are checked for remaining uncovered, defective casing, corrosion and damages. Also the cords that are mixed with each other and may activate tripping are checked while test is run to ensure grounding of all stretchy leads. The power boards are checked for the visibility of maximum load indicators.

Lecsafe create bar coded database for all the checked assets for continual identification, testing and tagging purposes and integrates the database in a centralised location for easy administration and possible theft. Lescafe have bench marked the testing process and use trained and certified personal for the work.

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