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Laundry Dry Cleaning Training has the laundry sector covered

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Laundry Dry Cleaning Training (LDCT)  offers a number of courses for those interested in working in commercial laundries. All training resources are provided and government funding is available to successful applicants.

LMT21410 - Cert II in laundry operations

Designed for the commercial laundry industry, this course is suitable for all laundries e.g. Hospital, Hospitality, Age Care, etc.

Course content covers all areas of laundry operations and includes four core competencies and eight specialised competencies, tailored for the different areas of the laundry.

Certificate II in Laundry Operations is delivered at the work place.

LMT31110 – Cert III in Laundry operations

Certificate III in Laundry Operations follows the lead from the cert II course. However, it includes a combination of eight core competencies and ten specialised competencies.

The specialised units include training for:

  • Supervisors and Leading Hands
  • Production Staff
  • Theatre Linen
LMT31210 - Cert III in dry cleaning operations

This program specifically deals with the work needs of the dry cleaning industry. It is suitable for all dry cleaners:
  • Valets
  • Packaged plants
  • Mixed laundry and dry cleaners
  • The use of dry cleaning equipment
  • Draper cleaning
  • Pressing services
The course is designed for all roles. It is suitable for prospective managers, supervisors, operators, and customer service staff.

As required by Workcover, Certificate III in Dry Cleaning Operations also includes the Safe Handling of Solvents competency for the Safe Handling of petrochloroethylene.

There are ten core competencies and eight specialised competencies for the different areas of the dry cleaning plant.

BSB40810 - Certificate IV Front Line Management

The Cert IV Front Line Management has been tailored to the needs and issues of an expanding and diversifying laundry industry. It is designed for management, supervisors and leading hands from all areas of laundry operations.

The core units cover areas such as leadership,OHS, and workplace effectiveness.

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