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Lakelands Olives specialises in a range of olive products including olive oils and olives. The company grows several varieties of olives on their land including Spanish, Italian, Kalamata, Barouni, Verdale, Volos and Leccino. Employing organic farming techniques has helped the company secure the certified organic status for their products. Their range of olives includes table olives, table olives biodynamic herb and sun-dried olives. Table olives are a selection of farm-grown olive varieties that are harvested by hand and naturally fermented in sea salt to retain their original flavours. These olives have flavours of apple and nut after the fermenting process.  Table olives are used in antipasti, cocktails and slow-fire dishes. A variant of table olives is the herbed range wherein a choice selection of olives are naturally fermented with sea salt and then blended with farm-grown herbs to lend unique flavours to the olives. These olives are also good in an antipasti selection, in slow-cooking dishes, in breads and in cocktails. A range of organic sun-dried olives are also produced by the company using sun-ripened olives fermented and cured with kiln-dried sea salt followed by a period of marination in extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar.

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