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Apple pies from Kooka Brothas

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Kooka Brothas offer a wide range of cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, pies, flans, individual portions and gluten free products to the food service industry.

The apple pie offered by Kooka Brothas should be stored below -18 deg C temperatures and has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production in frozen condition. In the defrosted condition, its shelf life is four days. The ingredients of the apple pie include flour, egg, sultana, corn flour, milk powder, butter, baking powder, 41.60% of apple and 0.24% of apple brandy. Though this apple pie is for general consumption, people with allergies should take note of nuts, egg and gluten used in the product.

The apple pie offered by Kooka Brothas has 1280 kJ of energy for 100g. It also contains 4.0g of protein, 13.5g of total fat, 41.0g of carbohydrates and 167mg of sodium. The saturated fat is 8.4g and the sugar content is 21.3g for every 100g of the pie. The approximate size of the apple pie is 24cm and its weight along with the carton is about 8kg. This apple pie can be served chilled or heated.

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