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Kingsleys restaurants renamed ‘Steersons’

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The Bridge St and King St Wharf Steakhouse venues, formerly known as Kingsleys Prime Steakhouse and Kingsleys Steakhouse respectively, will be known as Steersons.

The name of the Bridge St and King St Wharf steakhouses were changed to Steersons.

To move away from the Kingsleys name for these two venues is mutually beneficial for restaurateurs George Vardis, who owns the Kingsleys Prime Steakhouse and Kingsleys Steakhouses and Kingsley Smith, who owns Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse .

Both restaurateurs are happy to move on from the naming dispute and focus on what they do best. To enable growth, both locally and internationally, and to illustrate how devoted they are to beef, they need to diversify their steak brand, therefore the logical step for them was to separate themselves from Kingsleys and introduce this new name.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse on King Street, the steakhouse that spawned the Kingsleys brand, with heritage dating back to 1994, will remain the original. To highlight the differences between the steakhouses, Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse will maintain its “rustic Australian heritage with quality cuts and people pleasing dishes”, while Steersons will lead beef appreciation to a new level of steak dining. Vardis has commissioned Australian Artist Angus McDonald to create several works for the Steersons venues.

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