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New bread crumbs from Kikkoman give products a better crunch

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Kikkoman is introducing its latest product, the Panko bread crumbs.

Panko is a a Japan-style bread crumb that is specifically manufactured for crumbing and serves as a crunchy coating for fried foods as well as baked foods. 

“The bread for the bread crumbs is manufactured without a crust, so the consistency is very white and very neutral,” says the Kikkoman marketing team. “You don’t get the traditional bread crumb taste from the reconstituted bread.”

Panko breadcrumbs give a crispier and longer lasting finish when put onto a protein product or vegetable product. 

Kikkoman showcased the new bread crumbs product at this year's FoodService Australia, demonstrating the texture and quality of the product by giving out samples of breadcrumbed cinnamon apple as well as with breadcrumbed mushrooms.

Panko’s bread crumbs set themselves apart from the traditional bread crumbs because they help to create a longer lasting product, making them better under light.

Panko is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine; however, it is fast gaining popularity and being used in Asian foods as well as Western foods. 

“The Panko bread crumbs last longer and will give the finished product both a better presentation and a better crunch.”

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