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What to consider when purchasing gaming stools

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When choosing gaming stools, there are a number of factors to take into consideration to ensure you’re making the best purchase.

Mike Karo of Karo Manufacturing Australia Manufacturing talks with GoHospitality and takes us step by step through what to consider:

  • Stool warranty. A good quality stool should offer a 5 year warranty.

  • Source and Continuity of supply. With the decline of manufacturing in Australia, many products are now sourced from overseas suppliers by local agents or representatives. Unfortunately, many local agents have no brand loyalty (or link) with the overseas manufacturer and will usually buy products from the cheapest source. This may lead to problems regarding supply continuity or warranty claims, as local agents will typically move from one overseas supplier to the next as they search for ‘the next best deal’. In this instance it is important to purchase products from an agent that has a direct link to the manufacturer and where the overseas manufacturer has a controlling interest in the local (Australian) agent. Quite clearly, an overseas manufacturer that has a controlling interest in an Australian agent has a capital investment in Australia and will therefore ensure that his brand is protected, which directly translates into greater security in terms of supply continuity and also warranty claims should they occur. 

  • A manufacturer or supplier that has been in business for a longer period of time is typically judged to be more stable and offer better product continuity than a ‘younger’ counterpart. This is more important for those venues that would like to maintain continuity in their gaming areas over a prolonged period of time. Karo has been manufacturing office chairs and gaming stools since 1986 and has a proven track record in the many markets that it services.

  • Seat foam. The foam seat is the ‘heart and soul’ of any gaming stool. It is essential that this component is manufactured from durable and resilient moulded polyurethane foam to not only increase player comfort but also to prevent early degradation and ‘foam collapse’. During their usable life, most gaming stools will undergo some form of re-upholstery, and superior seat foam will permit this process to be repeated a few times until the foam degrades to the point where its replacement is unavoidable. Inferior stools may use a cheaper block-cut foam that usually collapses after a short time period resulting in user discomfort and a shorter product life.

  • Design. The design should be robust to withstand the rigours of 24/7/365 usage.

  • Swivel mechanism.  A “full-race” swivel mechanism with at least 50 ball bearings is necessary for durability and strength. If a gas lift mechanism is used, then a gas lifter from a reputable manufacturer is a must.

  • Inter-changeability or design customisation. See how easy is it to interchange parts in order to customise the stools for the particular gaming area.

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