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Sliced and shaved meats supplied by KR Castlemaine Foods

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KR Castlemaine  Foods supply a large range of meat products such as ham, bacon and smallgoods for restaurants, health care, government, educational institutions and food service suppliers. The different categories of meat products that include bacon, sliced and shaved meats, ham-bone in, ham-boneless, salami, sausages and chipolatas, continentals, nutri watch, pizza and bakery, hot dogs, cocktails, Frankfurts and saveloys, and ready to serve meats.

The sliced and shaved meats supplied by KR Castlemaine Foods are available in different preparation, namely shaved premium leg ham, slice turkey, shaved roast beef, shaved pastrami, sliced 4x4 shoulder ham and shaved silverside. They are available in 1kg net and in four cartons or units. The shaved premium leg ham is made from leg cuts. Before cooking, the cuts are cured and tenderised and then shaved and packed for keeping the freshness. The sliced turkey offered by KR Castlemaine Foods is trimmed and cured after being cut and then sliced and packed specially to maintain its freshness.

The shaved roast beef is beef roasted fresh to preserve the country taste and it is pre-shaved, modified and packed to keep up the maximum flavour. The Shaved Pastrami is made of meat that is wrapped up in brine and then weathered with varieties of spices and herbs such as basil, black pepper, garlic and marjoram, and finally smoked. The shaved silverside is made of selected beef cuts that are trimmed and cured with a prepared pickle flavour, and before shaving this meat is tenderised.

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