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Jimele offer a range of preserved fruits for the food industry

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Jimele  distribute a comprehensive range of specialty food items to hotels, restaurants, catering units, and to the retail market. All types of specialty foods such as fruit oils, diary products, bakery products, chocolate varieties, caviar and fish products, flour varieties, mushrooms, and spices are available with Jimele. Jimele possess a well-equipped distribution network that can deliver products within three days of placing the order.

In the fruit products category, Jimele supply fruit puree, frozen fruits, dried fruits, fruit glace, preserved fruits, and fruit oils. In the preserved fruit section, a large variety of fruits are available in various quantities. Jimele supply whole baby pears and whole baby apples from Brover. Whole baby pears are available in 850gm packs while the apples are packed in 425gm containers. Small apricot halves is another Brover product available at Jimele.

Marachino red cherry and green cherry from Tania are also supplied by Jimele. The red cherries are available in 340gm and 2kg packs while the green cherries are supplied in 2kg containers. Sour pitted cherries and morello cherries from Marco can also be purchased from Jimele. Les Zautre’s Amarena cherries in liqueur, Girotte cherries in brandy, and Nicholson’s dessert cherries in syrup are some of the other cherry items supplied by Jimele.

Mustard fruits in 1kg and 5.6kg quantities are distributed by Jimele. Preserved lemons from Tunisia in 250gm and 3kg packs are also available. Redcurrant jelly from France, Mickey’s lychees in syrup, crystallized ginger from Buderim, St Mamet’s pie filling apple puree are some other specialty fruit items supplied by Jimele.

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