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Why all point of sale systems should have access to a UPS unit

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article image Protect your point of sale systems, invest in a UPS unit

The team at Idealpos highlight the importance of purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) unit and using it in conjunction with point of sale systems.

Why, you may ask? Because they continue to operate and provide power during a blackout.

This is of utmost importance for hospitality business owners as it ensures their point of sale systems do not switch off mid-way through a sales transaction or other function.

The amount of time that the units can supply power for is dependent on how many appliances are plugged into them at the one time, along with the type of power they use.

On average, UPS units can supply point of sale systems with power for between ten and 20 minutes, which is just enough time for business owners to:

  • Save important data
  • Complete unfinished sales transactions
  • Print out any table bills that have not been finalised

Idealpos uses and supplies UPS units that are equipped with six power outlets. Three of these are power protected, and three are both power protected and have battery backup.

The company urges that hospitality business owners invest in these units as failure to do so could result in data loss, damage or corruption for point of sale systems.

Idealpos also recommends that hospitality business owners regularly turn their point of sale systems off overnight, as it is important to remember that blackouts don’t just occur during business hours.

Point of sale systems do need to be left on at least twice a week so that database functions can be performed automatically, so it is important that on these days all tasks are completed, so that in the event that a blackout does occur overnight data remains undamaged.

Idealpos offers a cloud based storage backup system that can be used to store data. Hospitality business owners are encourage to embrace this new storage device as it protects their data. Visit the Idealpos website for more information about the "cloud."

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