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Sparkiing clean cutlery is one of the ways of impressing your customers even before the food arrives. But keeping that hardware well polished day after day can be tedious for staff as well as an expensive consumer of their time.

The latest new cutlery polishing machines on the market are increasingly being used by foodservice operations large and not so large to free up staff time and save money, as well as producing a good results.

Qonrad Gomez, Conventions and Operations Manager at Burswood Conventions and Events in Perth says the centre’s cutlery polishing machine has been an “absolute life saver”.

Used in the banqueting department at Burswood the machine—a Gibpat kk8000—can polish up to 7000 pieces of cutlery in one hour, saving on man hours as well as sterlising the cutlery.

“As an example it would take approximately one hour for one person to clean and polish about 500 pieces,” Gomez says. If the machine were to run for seven hours a day, and cost $25 per hour that would total $175 equating over one year to around $22,000 which would mean it almost pays for itself three times over.”

Gomez says that the results using the machine are “incredible—condidering it’s a machine”. “The granules the cutlery goes through through to polish and clean it are so fine they polish and sterilise every part of the piece,” he says.

“Doing anything by hand always gives the best results but the cutlery polisher results are impeccable”.

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