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New on the market is this range of biodegrable packaging that ranges from cold drink cups to food containers and cutlery from Huhtamaki .

BioWare is a complete range of single-use packaging like cold drink cups, plates, containers and cutlery, all based on renewable raw materials and compostable after use. The products can be standard or customer tailored.

The BioWare range has been developed by Huhtamaki, one of the most innovative packaging solutions providers in the world. BioWare offers packaging that takes account of the needs of today’s consumers, but also respects the importance of preserving our environment in the future.

The natural origin makes BioWare products totally compostable, and they can be returned to the earth at the end of their life. They degrade completely in industrial composting facilities.

Their origin, manufacturing as well as disposal have all been developed to have a lower impact on the environment. The BioWare range uses two main raw materials; natural resin called NatureWorks PLA and moulded fibre—both top performance natural materials.

BioWare cups, plates, containers and cutlery offer you all the same benefits as traditional top-quality single-use products. They work as ideally at festivals and events as in daily foodservice. Thanks to BioWare’s composting capability, there is now the possibility to create one compost waste stream for both the food and its packaging.

The BioWare range offer cold drink cups, Chinet plates & bowls, hinged-lid fresh food containers, and wooden cutlery.

BioWare natural resin cups are glass-clear and function and look like those made of oil-based plastics. Despite their natural origin, no compromises have been made on their performance – they work perfectly in the serving of any cold beverages. Their secret is a material called NatureWorks® PLA*.

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