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A roundup of the latest new hospitality products to hit the market, brought to you by hospitalitymagazine.com.au

Riedel celebrates 250 years
Riedel, the company that has revolutionised the way wine is consumed with its focus on and study of the marriage between a wine’s character and the shape of the glass, is celebrating its 250th anniversary with the launch of a new stemware range, Grape@Riedel. The new design incorporates the latest in machine-blown technology, Made from 24% lead crystal, it has a seamless pulled stem giving a robust, two-piece design that creates an indent on the bottom of the bowl which reflects the light and adds another dimension to the colour of wine. It’s being positioned as the ultimate dinner stemware, without having a three-figure price tag—prices start from $58 rrp. The full range of Riedel glassware can be seen at www.riedel.com

New Buderim drinks spice it up
Sunshine Coast-based Aussie ginger giant Buderim Ginger has launched two new cordials in time for the thirsty summer season, Chilli Blast and Lime Refresher. Chilli Blast! is being positioned as an ideal and classic summer refresher that ‘packs a punch’. The blend of real chilli tempered with lime is recommended as a perfect ingredient for sorbets, ice blocks with bite or as a mixer for cocktails with ‘kick’. Chilli Blast! contains no artificial flavours or colours (or in fact ginger), and is fat and gluten free. The new Lime Refresher, meanwhile, features a splash of ginger and Tahitian limes grown around Queensland’s Cooloola Coast. It’s an adult-style cordial that can be mixed with water or soda water, or added to cocktails and mocktails, or even beer. Both cordials are available in 750ml bottles.

New series from Wedgewood
The company whose brand has graced fine restaurant tables for more than two centuries, Wedgewood, has unveiled a new hospitality range of tableware—a new designer series by leading British designer Jasper Conran, the Ethereal 101 collection, and additions to is Connaught White collection. The Jasper Conran range blends utility with style with a contemporary classic feel. Wedgewood calls it the ‘culinary equivalent to the little black dress or simple white shirt—destined to become an absolute essential”. Ethereal, the new fine bone china collection, combines influences from the past and present to create a range that is both beautiful and versatile. The Connaught collection features a simple yet elegant shape and a range that includes more than 100 different items including oriental pieces. All have Wedgwood's renowned hotel weight for strength and longevitity. Call Foodservice Equipment International 02 9938 5000.

Revolution in pest control
Pest control company Insect-O-Matic has introduced a new non-pesticidal method for the elimination and control of crawling insects. Cryonite is a patented system that uses carbon dioxide to literally freeze pests to death. It is already being used extensively cross Europe and the UK. Advantages include a pest-free environment, sanitisation of machinery, a completely dry procedure, and safety around food stuffs and food contact areas. It works by emitting a carbon dioxide ‘snow’ through a nozzle that generates the optimum particle size and speed to rapidly freeze insects as it evaporates. It uses carbon dioxide produced as a by-product or other processes so no extra carbon dioxided goes into the atmosphere. In the UK Cryonite was named Best Product in 2005 by the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology. For info go to www.insectomatic.com.au

Coca-Cola promotes happiness
Coca-Cola Australia has unveiled new packaging for its Coca-Cola and kicked off its summer marketing push. It’s new ad campaign launches a new 385ml contour glass bottle that is now rolling out into the trade and is part of Coke’s strategy to reinforce the brands iconic values and deliver the ultimate drinking experience.

Smirnoff slips into new look
Smirnoff has used a search for Australia’s best vodka cocktail bars and bartenders to launch the stylish new look for its premium Smirnoff Black No.55 Vodka. For more information go to www.diageo.com

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