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Buyers guide: Combi ovens

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Manufacturers background?
Baron Cucine Professionali is a Northern Italian based company that has been manufacturing professional grade cooking equipment for well over fifty years. The Baron philosophy is to provide the market with product ranges that comply with stringent European hygiene regulations and conformity to the latest HACCP standards.

Explain any special features:
Side positioning of fans to save space in depth and to make access from the front easier for all functional parts, thanks to the hinged control panel.

Doors are double paned vented glass to provide a clear view of the cooking chamber and to prevent accidental burns to kitchen staff when operating the oven.

Handles are built with a double release safety device to prevent accidental opening.

The cooking chamber has rounded corners for easy cleaning.

Fans are equipped with alternative rotation system for more uniform air circulation and temperature in all parts of the chamber.

Butterfly valve is built in for the expulsion of excess moisture in the cooking chamber.

Training offered?
Customers are offered training by a manufacturer’s representative—most are former chefs.

How easy is it to clean?
Baron Combi ovens are designed to be easy to clean. For models with the automatic washing system the process is fully automated and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It uses only what is necessary to clean and completely rinse the oven.

Enviro-friendly features?
The ovens are manufactured in a cutting edge facility in Italy that is committed to all European standards and with respect for the environment.

How much power is used?
All Baron ovens require a 3 phase 400 Volt AC power supply, the range uses from 8Kw to 31Kw depending upon the size of the oven.

Available in gas and electric?
In either or as a combination.

Contact: Scots Ice Australia

Manufacturers background?
The manufacturer is Hobart Italia. The Hobart combi oven is manufactured and constructed in Italy. Electrical components are made and constucted in France.

Explain any special features:
Patented non-mechanical boiler (less moving parts) unit.

Patented auto reverse fan with braking system: provides even distribution of hot air and steam .

Braking system reduces steam or hot air bathing staff once the door has been opened.

Patented perforated non–baffle system—prevents grease or fat build up around fan and elements. Patented Control boards: located to the internal side of the oven, preventing steam or hot air damage. Patented Self integrated automatic wash system: Simple automatic wash system eliminates handling of cleaning detergent by staff and includes cleaning the fan and elements. System based on Hobart’s superiority in ware washing, world wide. Users can use their current cleaning supplier of detergent. Patented external oven cavity door lights eliminate hot air and steam faulting the lights.

Training offered?
The client can have his staff trained by one of our Hobart chefs, or the Hobart chef can be involved in their first foodservice.

How easy is it to clean?
The HF (non boiler) and HFE (with boiler) have an automatic self integrated wash system. After cooking the client selects the wash cycle they require. Wash cycles (1 to 8) have been customised per size of the oven cavity and condition of the cavity after cooking, saving water, time and detergent. The oven registers the cleaning cycle and moves into cool down. Automatic cool down when clean cycle is activated prevents discolouring of viewing door and staining of the oven cavity. The detergent usage can be controlled by the client. No rinse aid is needed saving on detergent costs and usage. The process finishes a heat-sanitisation stage.

How much power does it use?
Depending on the model chosen it ranges from 9kW (six tray unit) to 48.5kW (40 tray units).

Available in gas and electric?
Electric only due to market demand in relation to running costs.

Contact: Hobart

Background of manufacturer?

Zanussi Professional offers a range of over 3000 dedicated products for food preparation, cooking, ventilation refrigeration and dishwashing. Zanussi is part of the Electrolux group of companies and has been manufacturing food service products for just under 100 years (since 1916)

Any special features?
It uses up to 40% less water than a standard convection steam oven

Offers steam production right up to full steaming but does not have a boiler which means less maintenance, because the boiler is the component that by far is the biggest reason for service calls on combis.

Rapid cool down mode.

Specially shaped interior cooking cavity for even cooking.

Rounded corners in oven chamber for easy cleaning

Training offered?
Full onsite training by qualified chef.

How easy to clean?
Semi-automatic cleaning cycle with one touch. There’s a manual wash hose for cleaning by the operator by spraying the oven with an approved cleaning solution, selecting the manual clean cycle. When cycle is finished wash down with clean water.

Any special environmentally friendly features?
Yes, the oven is a water injection combi oven and so only uses around 15 litres of water per hour of operation compared to boiler ovens that can use 40+ litres per hour.

How much power is used?
18.5 kw Three Phase

Available in gas and electric?
Electric only at this stage.

Contact: Gibpat

Background of manufacturer?

In 1976, Rational revolutionised the catering industry with the invention of the combi steamer. Today more than 300,000 Rational combi steamers are in daily use all over the world. The sum of Rational’s worldwide culinary experience is now embodied in the Rational SelfCooking Centre.

Special features of the oven?
The Rational SelfCooking Centre is the only one of its kind in the world. It liberates the chef from the routine daily cooking chores and gives them time for the essentials such as time for creative menu planning, time for careful shopping, time for the perfect presentation. It completely eliminates conventional inputs such as temperature, time and humidity, or complicated programming, constant monitoring and many other routine chores. The Rational SelfCooking Center® also cooks up to 15% faster than conventional combis. It can substitute for all conventional cooking appliances reducing by up to 40-50% the floor space usually occupied by hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and fryers.

Training offered?
Comcater, Australia’s only distributor of the Rational SelfCooking Center®, offers on site staff training once the unit has been installed. Training is conducted by one of Comcater’s qualified chefs and encompasses operational training and cooking tips and hints. Comcater also offers free “team cooking live” presentations to customers at one of their three corporate demonstration centres.

How easy is it to clean?
The centre is fully automatic. All the user needs to do is press the CleanJet button on the front panel and specify whether the unit requires a light, medium or heavy duty clean.

Chemical and water usage?
The Centre has six cleaning level options to suit the operator’s requirements. No manual intervention is required. The units use the patented CalcDiagnosis system which measures the lime scale level in the steam generator, automatically taking into account both the individual use and local water quality. There is no need to buy or maintain water softening systems.

Enviro-friendly features?
1.6 m safe operation height.

Optional grease removal system.

No liquid chemical to be handled reducing risk of injury and spillage.

Reduction in unit foot print less packaging.

Steam generator reduces water usage.

Rational’s production facility was awarded one of the top ten overall companies in the EU.

Reduced foot print increases energy efficiency.

Development of the single direction fan reduces energy usage.

Fan brake reduces the heat loss when door is opened.

Implementation of the Rational cooking systems will reduce cooking times, radiated heat loss and large exhaust canopies.

How much power used?
Depending on the size of unit, can range from 10kw to 62kw.

Available in gas and electric?
Yes, both. Both models have absolutely identical dimensions, features and performance.

Contact: Comcater

Background of manufacturer?
Located in Germany, Convotherm has been a leader in the manufacture of combi oven steamers for over 30 years and is distributed to over 50 countries worldwide.

Any special features?
The Disappearing Door helps keep walk ways clear reducing potential burn hazards. The Advanced Closed System gives perfect cooking results every time, moisture is regulated automatically while operating with minimum water and power.

What training is offered?
Distributor Moffat provides free on site training to ensure all relevant staff are suitably trained to get the most out of their Convotherm. Additionally Moffat holds free cooking schools in our showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

How easy is it to clean?
The Convotherm Convoclean system doesn’t require staff to manually handle chemicals. The cleaning system uses less chemical and water in achieving great results. By using liquid chemicals and neutralisers there is no chance of residual chemicals remaining after the cleaning cycle is complete.

Enviro-friendly features?
Convotherm believes its relationship with the environment to be of great importance. This is confirmed by our environmental certification to ISO 14001. As a standard feature on Convotherm units the Advanced Closed System allows the oven chamber to achieve 100% saturation of steam/heat or both which means ovens can heat, steam and recover quickly without losing energy.

How much power does it use?
Requirements for models range from 11.5kw to 68.6kw in electric.

Available in gas and electric?
Yes can be in either.

Contact: Moffat

Background of manufacturer?

UNOX is an Italian manufacturer supplying 65 countries worldwide.

F.E.D. is the exclusive supplier of UNOX products in Australia.

Explain any special features?
“Easy Use” 70 program with stepped linked cooking and manual operation.

Cook / Chill regeneration.

Sous Vide cooking and regeneration.

Instant steam within seconds, and available from a low 50ºC .

Instant dryness for fast browning.

Smallest foot print

F.E.D. UNOX combis have 50% lower operating costs (fact sheets are available)

Optional Fakiro Solid Pizza Plates

Protek SAFE™ double glazed "cool-touch" door and "safe to touch" oven

Even distribution of the heat in the cavity (AIR.Maxi™)

Full stainless steel construction with easy-clean internal coved corners

Extremely low cost of parts (only $600 for a control board)

UNOX has the only single phase five-tray combi oven.

UNOX five-tray combi ovens do not need exhaust canopies.

UNOX has an optional steam condenser which scrubs and cleans exhaust fumes.

Connection can be made to a PC to insert programs and to collect data.

The new F.E.D. UNOX Cheftop Model will feature an integrated blast chiller.

Training offered?
Ease of use means training is minimal. Learning to use the equipment by our qualified chefs takes only a few hours.

How easy is it to clean?
Very easy to clean either manually or with the optional integrated cleaning system . For manual cleaning, if done regularly we find a six minute low temp. steam, a light spray with a low caustic cleaner, wipe out and rinse with another six minute low temp. steam .

Chemical and water use?
In line with accepted standards.

Enviro-friendly features?
UNOX combis have very low energy usage. In some case they are 50% more energy efficient than other ovens twice their price.

UNOX's patented Steam and Venturi system means steam is produced with very little energy and water use and also, as a result less waste exits into the drain.

UNOX has an optional steam condenser which scrubs and cleans exhaust fumes virtually eliminating exhaust and pollutants.

Power use?
UNOX combis have the lowest energy usage. In some case they are 50% more energy efficient than other ovens twice their price.

Available in gas and electric?
Due to their low energy requirements, UNOX combis are seldom requested in gas. Gas models are available on special order and arrangement.

Contact: FED

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