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Hospitality advisory services from Hospitality Expert Resources

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Hospitality Expert Resources  provide a wide range of services for the hospitality industries that help them to manage their overall business in an effective manner. Mystery Customer Check, Budget / Profit & Loss Advice, menu planning, framing HR policies and procedures, and Barista training are some of the services offered by the company. In addition, the company aids customers those who want to start up a new business by providing insight on the pre- requirements.

The Mystery Customer Check involves evaluating the overall performance of a hotel from the customer’s point of view. The service involves some of the activities such as monitoring and measuring the service performance, providing feedback from front line operations, supporting promotional programs, identifying training needs of the hotel staff and enforcing employee integrity.

Budget / Profit & Loss Advice service is provided to hotel businesses that are dripping due to poor financial conditions. The service helps business managers to plan effectively to improve the bottom line of the business. Menu planning service helps hotels to plan a suitable menu for the customers living around the hotels. The service also involves in deciding upon the cost of the food items, designing recipe cards and providing advice on effective stock ordering and waste control systems.

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