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HOPACK offers a wide range of packaging solutions

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Packaging has become a part of our every day life. Most everything we use and we see has involved with packaging, whether it's the glass cup to hold the water, a  tray to serve food, a bag for shopping or a box used for transportation.

Each reaches its own purpose in functionality, presentation, protection, convenience, security and classification.

HOPACK not only loves packaging but understands it and aims to create products and offer services that are rich with innovation and unique quality that can't be found anywhere else. 

HOPACK respects, listens to and strives to meet the demands of its customers.

HOPACK takes careful consideration in selecting the types of materials its packaging products are sourced from, as well as the design, the size and the quality of the material. 

The category ranges of packaging products are available in a variety of materials, including a rigid plastic and paper, rigid wooden containers and flexi-plastic packaging. 

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